Study Biology in English at Eötvös Loránd University
(ELTE), Budapest, Europe!

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 Application and admission procedures

The minimum number of applicants to start courses: 10 students !


The applicants need to visit the online registration form and fill it!

The deadline of application: For applicants form non-EU countries it is the end of March because the administration of application as well as the arrangement of the D-5 visa take approx. three months, and all these have to be done by the time of registration to the fall semester. For applicants from the EU countries the deadline is the end of April. (Please note that the deadlines are for the arrival of the documents to the University, so the time of mail, which can even be two weeks, must also be considered.)


A committee of teachers from the appropriate program interviews the applicants in order to decide the program (pre-university preparatory, B.Sc., M.Sc., or Ph.D.) that the applicants can be admitted to. Right after the event, the applicants are informed about the decision and conditions of admittance and soon they are notified also in a letter.