Study Biology in English at Eötvös Loránd University
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 Special seminar series, one-time and tailor-made courses

Various extracurricular one-time courses and special seminar series can be organized on different topics upon request. These can be assembled from selected courses of the particular programs. In addition and we offer tailor-made courses to serve the needs of professionals without prior academic background in biology (e.g. who have BA or MA in business, communication, law etc…), who want to understand and get acquainted with the exciting new developments in biology in a nutshell. (For further information contact Erika Tóth assistant professor - ( The one-time courses can be one or two semesters long, while seminar series are from several weeks up-to one semester, tailor-made courses are organized according to needs. A completed course is acknowledged by a certificate (see the “Issuing diplomas and certificates”).